Hi everyone! Big news, I finished the revision of the fire memoir and it is out looking for a home. I got tons of title suggestions, and so far am going with FIRE IN THE HEART; a memoir of friendship, loss and wildfire. The person who named this also named THE GEOGRAPHY OF WATER. So maybe there is good luck there.

Now I am just writing essays for my writing group and pondering my next move. I am thinking of diving into another novel, based on childhood stories my sister and I used to make up about a tribe of people who lived in trees and another who lived on the ground. It’s a futuristic, climate change, YA novel. Unlike anything I’ve tried, so we’ll see. My ex can rest easy because the Alaska memoir is not coming out anytime soon (but will someday, don’t get too comfy over there in PDX).

I don’t like that you can’t click on something and respond to this, because I don’t know how many people are reading. But for now I will avoid the spambots and say if you want to reach me, use the contact me tab. I’d love to hear your thoughts on writing, novel titles, and the like.