Maybe somewhere, someone is writing a lot, but most of the writers I know aren’t. I for one don’t have any extra time–I’m still working, and busier than ever. My writer friends on administrative leave aren’t writing much either. I don’t know why, except that for me, the uncertainty of what is going on in the world seems to eclipse any writing I could do. It’s enough just to stay alive. 

But! Life has to go on, and I have other friends who are paralyzed by panic. Who don’t want to do anything due to fear. I have to live my life, so I am starting to revise the novel. I got some really good feedback from an agent, who passed on the ms but took her valuable time to write a few suggestions. Which is great, and which I am using. 

I am also going to teach a virtual workshop on getting traditionally published next month. Do I know everything about this? Of course not, but perhaps I can pass on some tips so others don’t have to flounder as much. 

The big news? PUPPY. You know life is still good when there are puppies. Is there anything better than puppy fur? I think not.