Things with THE GEOGRAPHY OF WATER are progressing! I was assigned a nice copy editor who pointed out things I never knew before, despite being an English major. Like this: “towards” is the British way of saying it; apparently here it is “toward”. As in. I made little progress TOWARD finishing the memoir. Also, the preferred spelling is “ax” not “axe.” I’m grateful there are people who love to copy edit. I am not one of them!

I also got to see the “text layout” of the book. They ask my opinion which is very sweet. My reaction is usually, What?! I’m just glad you are publishing the darn thing! But I don’t say that. The text layout from what I can figure is how the text looks on the page; they are doing a neat little vertical thing with the chapter numbers that I can’t really explain; you will just have to wait and see.

So there’s that! I definitely don’t want it to be November in terms of the weather but sometimes I stop and think: I am really going to be a published novelist! And that’s exciting.

I just had two essays accepted for High Country News; I will post links once they are published. I’m talking with my agent next week; I feel like it’s a first date!

Hope everyone out there is well. Does anyone read these? I know I don’t have a quick comment button. Spam and trolls, spam and trolls. If you want to send me a message, go to the contact tab. Hope to hear from you!