I always tell people: those fragments, those flashes of brilliance, should be kept. Throw them in a drawer, in an electronic file, let them marinate. You never know when these can be repurposed. In this way, writing can be the ultimate recycling.

Something happened this week. An opening sentence came to me (this is the same thing that happened with Geography). I typed it. The next sentence came. And the next. I now have 51 pages, some of which I mined from previous false starts. I have no idea where it is going–I just have the bones. I don’t write outlines. I just let things flow. I know this isn’t the recommended or efficient way, but it’s my way. 

Also: it rained. Rain is always good for creativity.

This could be it, peeps, the start of a new manuscript. But here’s what you do. You don’t think, OMG. I only have 50 pages. I have no idea where to go! I need at least 250 more pages! This is never, never going to work. I’m giving up.

Hell to the no! Instead, you write scenes. If the one you are on isn’t working, you move to another one. Eventually you stitch all the pieces together. Trust me, this works. 

I’m back, guys!