1. Even if you start out thinking, it’s enough just to publish a book even if only my mom reads it, you will eventually start thinking bigger. Like, I want to sell a bunch of copies! Oprah, are you there?

2. Even though you carefully did not base any characters on living or dead people, you start wondering if people will think it’s THEM in the book,

3. When your friends buy it in droves, you might be scared they won’t like it and have wasted $16.95.

4. Speaking of $16.95, you will get 10% of that with each book sold.

5. You often will wonder if people know how hard it is to get published traditionally.

6. When people throw out the phrase, “you should write a book” to random people, or “I think I’m going to write a book and get it published”, you have to resist the urge to let them know what a long shot it really is.

7. You may feel compelled to write another book, and another.

8. You will keep looking at your copy of the book, unable to believe it is real.

9. You will resist the urge to tell everyone you have a book coming out or to plaster stuff all over Facebook. Mostly.

10. You will realize that this is the one thing nobody can ever take away from you.