I haven’t written in here for quite a while. There are reasons. I am feeling a bit discouraged by the whole writing endeavor. It’s a cumulative thing. Let me list the ways.

“Can I borrow your copy of (insert book name here)?” Please, buy the book!

“I’m waiting for the book on loan at the library.” Libraries are great, I know, but you can afford to buy the book!

“Here’s my list of recommended reading” (My book isn’t on my friend’s facebook post)

“Here’s the books I gave five stars to” (My book isn’t on this list of my friend’s stars)

“You haven’t made back your advance yet.”

No response to queries.

A big Rubbermaid container of books to sell!

Don’t get me wrong, I know I am fortunate to have published books at all. But listen to these stats: 98% of books published during the pandemic did not sell 5000 copies. If your previous book did not sell 5000 copies, an agent or a publisher will not take their chances with your next book. 

Yes, I love writing. It’s been an honor to see three books to print. But I am left with the question: is it worth it to continue?