A milestone arrived in the mail. The first royalty check for The Geography of Water. It might sound crazy, but I’m still amazed to get paid for something I loved doing so much (I wish I felt like this about my day job!). It’s hard to say if checks will continue. There are just so many books out there, and it’s hard to make them stand out, especially after they have been published for a year (a publicist wouldn’t touch it; it’s all on you at this point). I never got into this to make money, but it’s still pretty exciting.

“What should I do with it?” I asked Jerry.

“Put it in our house fund,” he suggested.

I scowled.

Your first royalty check is not for the mundane! Yes, you really *should* be practical. After all, it is taxable income. Really you should sock it away in the bank. But…

No way! Celebrate! Buy somethiing you would never get for yourself, or go on a trip (the check won’t pay for the whole trip but maybe some). You will never get a first royalty check again.

At least, that’s my plan.