Anyone else struggling? I’m usually really motivated, but lately I have had to force myself to do much. Writing, forget about it! I can’t even spend time reading anymore. I think we all could benefit from off the grid cabins somewhere in the woods, for something like a year. I have an acquaintance who goes into the Alaskan bush every winter to run a trapline with her husband and child. She doesn’t have cell service or internet for six months. That sounds pretty good right now.

But we go on. I am on night 32 of backpacking this summer. Normally I do a couple two and three week long hikes in other parts of the country, but despite the fact that so many other people think it is OK to do, I can’t bring myself to travel for fun. It doesn’t seem very respectful. I am thinking about potential hiking in the Grand Canyon in December, but I waited too long to get a permit so that is probably out of reach. Things have to be better by December, don’t they? 

But fortunately I live next to an incredible mountain range, and have been doing a lot of exploring. If you have to be in a pandemic, words of advice, live next to wilderness. It has been a lifesaver. I can’t go live on a trapline, but 24 to 48 hours of freedom from the weirdness in our country has been priceless.