I’ve decided to talk about other things than writing here. If you aren’t a writer, then it is a little…boring.

I won’t duplicate my hiking blog, but I will share other things now and then. Lately, the world has gone a little crazy, and I have been going out into the woods. I do this all the time anyway but I find that now is more important than ever. I grab the dog, a backpack, and just go. Before Corona I took friends, but now I go solo. It helps to even out the rough edges. I feel like I could walk forever, and I remind myself that I have walked the length of the country. There’s something soothing and elementary about walking, climbing several thousand feet, ridge-walking, route-finding. I try to fit in as many hikes as I can, though weather and time can thwart this. I leave a backpack at the ready. I am always ready to go.

Why I feel so compelled, I have no idea, but it feels like a clock is ticking and I have to see all I can see while I still can. The things most people like to do–go to movies, concerts, restaurants–just aren’t that appealing to me. I’d rather be in a tent somewhere. 

I hate to come back sometimes.