Ever seen the Missed Connections section of some newspapers and Craigslist? Because I have nothing to say about my writing, here’s a parody. All in fun, people.

I saw you in the backcountry this August. You were on the East fork of the West Fork of the South Fork..Wait. Was that the Middle Fork of the South Fork…? North Fork of the South..? Oh, forget it.

You were the guy in Carhartts and boots at Grain Growers! Does that narrow it down? I was getting a fence stretcher and some pig’s ears. You know, a typical shopping expedition for a woman around here.

You: in a big truck with hay bales and border collies. Me: in a Subaru with an I love Wolves bumpersticker. Could it ever work? Call me.

We were competing for the same dead larch tree on the 100 Road. I let you have it. Every time I put lodgepole into my wood stove I think of you. I’m down to two cords, gonna be a long winter. Let’s share a fire.

To the bearded hottie on the river fishing for steelhead. Where did you come from? Woof! And can I have some free fish?

I followed you through the aisles at Safeway. If you aren’t too creeped out, contact me.

I saw you in the cow jam this morning. I think the cows brought us together. It’s meant to be. 

We were putting chains on at the same time near Ladd Canyon. I felt a connection, or maybe it was the -20 temperature. You tell me.

You: at the gas station, but you didn’t get out because we aren’t allowed to pump our own gas. I was the gal filling up fuel containers for my ATV and my sled. Like what you saw? Email me. 

Dear Guy with Three Dogs, can I borrow them for the Eagle Cap Extreme Sled Dog Race? I have a feeling this is my year. Thank you.