Hey everyone! I’m working on revising my firefighting memoir. I asked an author I admired if he had any suggestions on where to send it, and he mentioned me to his agent. She called me and wants to see the ms. How great is that? I know realistically this approach is how many books get published–it is who you know. Fingers crossed.

Doing this work has brought me back to 1994, when Roger died (the main event of this memoir) and it has been both enjoyable and sad. You have to be really honest with yourself with memoir. My editor called me out on some chapters, where she felt I was skimming over hard truths. It’s true. You have to imagine yourself back in that place, at that age, with those emotions, and it’s far easier to present a sanitized version of the truth. It is also much easier to write fiction! 

But I want this story to be told, and so I go on. The ms is about ready to go out. Wish me luck.

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Happy holidays!