Hello universe! I can’t believe how long it has been since I last wrote. So much has happened and it has been devastating, a loss that has changed everything. At times like that, it is hard to even think about writing. But my dad was a writer, and he was so proud of my writing, that I want to continue, though it will never the be the same. He never got to read LAST LAYER, and I am sad about that. He will never read anything else I write. So what to do except throw my words out into the universe and hope somehow, somewhere, he hears them?

I hope that is the case.

So..writing. I went back to work on THE LIGHTNING WITHIN US, a novel about outcasts, wilderness, and wildfire. I am shopping it around now. I did a reading as a featured writer for the Arts Center East in LaGrande. I got some royalty statements! My essay in Campfire Stories, published by Mountaineers Books, should be out next spring (I think).

I’ve also done plenty of hiking, but it is never enough, is it? I dream of the day when I can do what I want, whenever I want. But the only people who can do that are those who have no responsibilities to others, so that won’t happen. But I can get closer than I am now.

I promise to write more regularly and to use the mailing list! (Contact me to be placed on it).