Yesterday we recorded the voice-over for the book trailer! It is a little difficult to read without a) laughing hysterically; b) coughing; c) swallowing; or being distracted by a cat trying to get on your lap. Also: editing a voice-over is a ton of work! When we didn’t like the way I said a word, I would start reading over the recording and then they would edit the new words in. I can see how it would be easy to spend hours at this.

We recorded three takes: one like a book reading (you know what that sounds like probably); one with pauses, for showing screen images, and one conversational. It was interesting; I thought I would dislike the conversational one, but I ended up liking it the best. I’m not sure what we will use for the final product.

This is just an example of something that as a writer, you never think you will be doing.