I was at a book signing recently, which consisted of a bunch of authors sitting around with their books and eating cake, and a few random locals popping in. I sold three books. Mainly because I think everyone in the county has read mine who is going to. I sat next to a woman who had written a book in 2012. Someone asked us about our next books. She piped up, “I am NEVER writing another book! It’s too hard.”

This probably falls in the category of Captain Obvious, but I had never really considered this as an option. So many people have asked me about my next book that I have felt obliged to trot out my works in progress. I’ve never been one of those people who exclaim that they “HAVE” to write. Like to, yes. But have to? Nope. I could probably exist not writing another word. 

I don’t have to write another book! I thought to myself. It was an oddly freeing thought. This may sound silly, but once you have one published book, the expectation is that you will continue. You kind of like this, because it means people like what you write and want more. The thought of not having to write another book, though, really took a load off. I don’t need to beat myself up for not writing 50,000 words in November (yep, failed!). I don’t have to lie awake making up plots. I don’t have to!

Of course, I probably will do it anyway.