The first inkling that this book club was going to be *different* was when Sharon and I prowled the quiet, snowy road, just trying to find the house where it was taking place. When we did find it, I had to be careful not to say anything inappropriate. Something like, “Wow, my whole house would fit in this living room!”  I sometimes think about what financial success would be like, and because I don’t really like to clean, I don’t think a big house would be the way I would go. But it was beautiful, large windows looking out onto the constantly falling snow.

It’s always interesting to hear what people say about my book, and this was no exception. This club came with some really probing questions, ones that made me think. I’m not an author who sets out to make specific statements, or who plots out characters via outline. They just kind of…arrive. So when someone asks me about how a character changed over the book, or why a character did what she did, it takes me a second, and honestly, I don’t often know. Geography is at its heart about secrets, so I think it’s fitting to leave some. (People always ask about a sequel, but I can’t really see it. Same with wanting ends all tied up neatly. Not going to happen.)

This book club also had a white elephant exchange. If you have never been fortunate enough to participate in one of these, everyone brings a silly gift. The first person chooses one, unwraps it, and the next person can decide whether to take it or pick a different wrapped gift. At times, the choices are truly horrifying. Like the clowns. When I found out that I had to bring a gift, I approached a friend in desperation (names withheld to protect original gift givers). “Help! I need something to bring!” I pleaded. The friend appeared with some clowns. Perfect! We put them in a nice box and someone picked them right away. She stared at them in fascination, saying she was going to give them to someone who was afraid of clowns.

So you never know. In a place and a galaxy far, far away, far removed from your tiny cabin, you may just encounter funny, book-loving souls. And leave some clowns, but gain a really nice, huge candle that you steal from someone else’s white elephant choice.

Does your book club want to pick my book? Want me to come to your meeting? Want some clowns..Okay, no clowns. But let me know.