A recent conversation in an online writer’s forum went like this:

New author: “I was told by my publisher I needed to use Twitter.”

Other authors: “Twitter is great, you can connect with others, retweet, blah blah.”

Me: Ugh.

Confession: I kind of hate Twitter. It seems to embody everything I don’t really like in the modern world: low attention span, reduce important things down to a common denominator, or enable people to talk about minutiae. In addition, does anyone really want to be that connected that they follow the random musings of several hundred people? Do I really care about what most people that I don’t know personally have to say in 140 characters? 


Will Twitter sell me more books?

Maybe. But as an author, I have to decide what is worth it for me. Do I want to be chained to social media more than I already am? No. Do I want one more thing to do that may or may not sell a book? No. Do I have other things that I’d rather do with my limited spare time? Yep.

I’m not going to use Twitter.