I feel like I’ve sort of given up on writing. I am not pushing my books, I haven’t done any events (but we really can’t right now anyway. My county is back in a mask mandate and nobody wants to gather), and I haven’t sent out any queries or done any writing. I might be done? I don’t know. I don’t think so, but there aren’t enough hours to do everything. Instead, a friend and I went hiking at Mount Rainier National Park. Our backpacking trip was six days, the longest hike I’ve done since 2019 (the last normal year). It was so peaceful to be away from email, work, responsibilities, and the internet.

All we were really concerned with was finding water, making sure we were still on the trail, finding our campsite, and making sure we had enough food. It was so simple. Should we stop and filter water? How far was it to the next camp? Was the bridge washed out at the glacial river (no, but it looked like it would be soon). Everyone we saw looked happy. 

The summer is flying by and will be over soon, so I’m trying to seize as much of it as I can. Sitting at a computer can wait. Sunshine can’t.