I think every writer goes through this. It can be a hard slog. Much like postholing through old snow (which I did yesterday–see the hiking blog). You start to wonder if it’s worth it. Do I really need to reach this lake, write another book? 

In my case, I haven’t heard from my agent in a long time, which generally means no good news on the manuscript. You can’t bug these people–that doesn’t endear them to you. You are on a need to know basis. That’s different than my working life, where if I don’t return an email within a few hours, someone will call and ask if I got their email. Completely different industry.

As far as my WIP, I haven’t done much on it. I know where I want it to go–sort of–but I can’t seem to sit down to get it there. I think I am burnt out–three long manuscripts in just a couple of years. I’m hoping that a productive summer of much hiking will revive this.

Anyway, just popping in to say I decided I’m not done, but going through a harder stretch. Thanks for reading and for sending me notes.