When you sign with a small publisher, they don’t have the money to send every author out on a book tour. I have no regrets with my publisher at all, though it would be nice to travel and get paid for it. (I guess that’s called “work travel” and I’ve done plenty of that this year.) However, I have good friends with independent bookstores in their outdoorsy towns who want me to come there. I want to go there! But it’s all a matter of finances. I have an author friend who did a DIY book tour, and it did seem to pay off for her, however, her book was a timely story collection about war, which may have had more to do with it. There’s no way I am going to get rich at this–I get about a dollar per book sold. I don’t want to go broke either, though.

I’m thinking about 3-4 towns where I want to go anyway, but haven’t gotten any farther than that. My friend in Bishop, California approached her book store. I have a friend who works for a bookstore in Vail. Then there’s bigger places like Portland. The possibilities are endless. 

I am hampered by the fact that right now, I just don’t want to travel. 12 airplane trips in one year is really enough for me. Luckily, time is on my side. The book can be ordered by bookstores beginning October 15. I have time to think about it.

In the meantime, if you have any great ideas on how to travel for free, let me know!