Oh hey there,

I used to blog here, but honestly? I don't think people read blogs anymore. And I didn't like that there was no human interaction to keep me going. So I am turning this into just a page for announcements and updates. Sound good?

So here we go, a quarterly update:

Editing is happening on The Lightning Within Us! Super exciting but scary: putting yourself out there.

Lots of stewing on the next novel, which is very different than what I have written before. No title, not many words written.

And still stewing on the TB novel, have not gotten... Read More...

I just signed a publishing contract for my next book! I'll be resuming my email newsletter to share more. Could not be more excited to see a fourth book into the world with Hidden Shelf Publishing House. I only wish you could see it, Dad.

There's a lot of fire here. We are basically surrounded, but not in danger. I drive by fire camp and the helibase but don't really miss it. I had my glory days.
I don't know why the picture is rotated.

Hello universe! I can't believe how long it has been since I last wrote. So much has happened and it has been devastating, a loss that has changed everything. At times like that, it is hard to even think about writing. But my dad was a writer, and he was so proud of my writing, that I want to continue, though it will never the be the same. He never got to read LAST LAYER, and I am sad about that. He will never read anything else I write. So what to do except throw my words out into the universe and hope somehow, somewhere, he hears them?

I hope that is the case.

So..writing....

Decades ago, when I toed the line at various 5 and 10ks, I really wanted to win the race. Not overall, though that did happen a time or two. I wanted instead to be the first woman, or at least win my age group. Sometimes I did. Mostly, I didn't. This later morphed into racing against time. It didn't matter so much what other people did anymore. I just wanted to reach or beat a certain time. 

I still remember that combination of nervousness, fear, and anticipation as I mingled around the starting line. Some races are indelibly burnt into my memory: The 13.1 race to Robie Creek, up... Read More...


Deep heart of winter.

Lake finally freezes over. I step on the ice, holding my skates. The ice grumbles restlessly beneath me. It is alive. Out a bit farther I see a large hole marked with caution tape. Footprints in the light skim of snow lead up to it. I immediately make up a story: Someone fell in! That is what it looks like and it is enough to keep me off the ice. It's not ready yet. Or, as we used to say on Mackinac Island: the ice hasn't made yet.

As if someone was baking it.

Firewood. So much firewood. But is is enough? I eye the dwindling pile... Read More...

Tonight found me browsing #MSWL (manuscript wish list) one more time. I am shopping the novel because I believe in it. That's all that matters, right? Even if it never gets published, I still believe in it. When I look at my other three books, I am incredibly grateful that someone took a chance on them. Lightning needs that chance.

I've been poring through my old file cabinets and getting rid of a flurry of old things. All sorts of gems showed up: a love letter from "the one who got away", (but really "the one I let go"), divorce papers from the one I should have let go, emo poetry... Read More...

I haven't written in here for quite a while. There are reasons. I am feeling a bit discouraged by the whole writing endeavor. It's a cumulative thing. Let me list the ways.

"Can I borrow your copy of (insert book name here)?" Please, buy the book!

"I'm waiting for the book on loan at the library." Libraries are great, I know, but you can afford to buy the book!

"Here's my list of recommended reading" (My book isn't on my friend's facebook post)

"Here's the books I gave five stars to" (My book isn't on this list of my friend's stars)

"You haven't made back...

I recently went to my first live event for my books in two years. I'm not going to lie. It felt deeply weird. So many people! Crowds of people. Masked people, and everyone had to be vaccinated or have a negative test, so I wasn't too worried about Covid as much as I was worried about so many people! I'm out of practice.

I felt like Spruce, our pandemic puppy, who didn't get a lot of socialization. As a result he views people, especially loud children, with suspicion. On the other hand, Frost, the other pandemic puppy, is overjoyed when she sees new people. A true extrovert dog, she... Read More...

I feel like I've sort of given up on writing. I am not pushing my books, I haven't done any events (but we really can't right now anyway. My county is back in a mask mandate and nobody wants to gather), and I haven't sent out any queries or done any writing. I might be done? I don't know. I don't think so, but there aren't enough hours to do everything. Instead, a friend and I went hiking at Mount Rainier National Park. Our backpacking trip was six days, the longest hike I've done since 2019 (the last normal year). It was so peaceful to be away from email, work, responsibilities, and the... Read More...