It’s a classic Catch 22. Your publisher wants known authors to read and blurb your book, but you don’t know any. After all, if you knew a lot of them, you might have been able to use connections and get published before. What to do, what to do! This was the part, so far, that I have liked the least.At any rate, the blurbs came back this week, three of them. And they were outstanding. I guess in the back of my mind I still expect people to say something like…Well…this wasn’t that great…Or, What drivel!  I know I believe in Geography, but does anyone else? These three reviews gave me a lot of confidence. I also learned that the first run will be 750 copies, and also print on demand when people order, as well as available electronically. Because I get a higher percent of royalties after 500 copies are sold, I of course am hoping for the best. You don’t go into this to be rich, but it would be nice to see a small return.

I should get a draft back cover soon, and will share it here. Things are rolling!