Through a lucky set of circumstances I was referred to an agent and signed a contract with her a month ago. I will say more later as things develop. Right now it’s like being on a first date. Do I sit by the phone? What’s going to happen? In my real job I need to get things done. I work in billable hours, so there is no time to be wasted. On conference calls, I often mute the speaker and type away on another project. If a co-worker wants to chat, disaster! I am finding that the publishing world, at least as an author, does not work like that. I can’t just snap my fingers and sell a book. I think back to how long it took GEOGRAPHY to get out there. Years! Revisions and more revisions! So I am being a good client and not asking…”What’s happening now? What about now?” I plan to check in pretty soon though.

Patience is not my greatest virtue. But I am learning. With writing it is easier to just forget about your book until something happens. Fill your mind with something else instead of trying to drive the bus. You can’t always drive the bus I am finding.